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A workshop was conducted by Innolabz on blogging and digital marketing. As digital marketing has become the rage of this digital world, the organization decided to make people aware and taught with the various important concepts of digital marketing and blogging from the scratch. Since this is a digital era and almost everything is based on the internet, Innolabz wanted to make people understand the importance and different fundamentals of blogging and digital marketing.

In a 4-day workshop, the attendees were explained the different steps involved in blogging as well as digital marketing. The workshop was organized by the digital marketing and blogging experts at Innolabz. The presenters made it clear how people can monetize their blogs in a very effective manner and earn money from scratch. Different techniques and essentials of blog writing were taught to the attendees.

The concepts of digital marketing were told in a very precise manner. The candidates were instructed with the concepts of ON Page and Off Page SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimization. The attendees were also given knowledge about Social Media Marketing. In addition to this, the usage and importance of Google Ad Words and Analytics were also taught.

Upon the completion of the workshop, every candidate was provided with a certificate. And the best part, all this was proffered at a meager price of Rs. 3000 and 2500 for early birds.