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Innovation knows no age. For an idea to be good you can even be a student who has no experience in the corporate. Creating something needs vision of a dreamer along with the skills of a capable individual. Innolabz brings you the opportunity to unleash the entrepreneur in you by participating in our business planning competition. So, gear up & get going!

In association with the Finance and Investment cell of Hansraj College, University of Delhi, Innolabz is organizing this competition. It is no ordinary B-plan event, but an opportunity worth grabbing. It includes almost everything you need to turn an idea into a venture. We not only provide mentoring and incubation support but assist you in all-round establishment as well as development of your project.

We offer Incubation support, free of cost, for a term of three months having worth of around Rs.1 lac. Not just that we make available support for successfully registering your firm, analyzing the depths of project & understanding the feasibility of your product, making good decisions with respect to finance & staff, establishing product market mix, preparing the prototype, etc.

The thing to be noted is you need to EARN IT!

The competition is organized in three stages or rounds.

Round 1. Registration of the team

The candidates need to register first by sending entries i.e. description of your idea (product/service) in about 500 words to For this, no fee would be charged. In this abstract you can explain ‘what is the problem’ you have a solution for. What exactly is your solution and how it can be implemented or what exactly is the main product you are offering.

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Round 2. The Pitch

Shortlisted entries will compete in round two. There will be 25-30 teams, decided by our judges, getting the chance to pitch their idea for 60 seconds. This one minute pitch should be clearly explaining your product, along with the problem which created a need for your product. How your product is solving the problem? How could the money be made through it, how will you create traction? Who are the people working on the product? How you are better than your competitors? What is the strategy for the follow-up process?

Round 3. The Detailed Pitch

After this one minute short pitch, 5 top teams will be selected for the last round where they will have to pitch their idea in detail for 7 minutes. The seven minutes pitch should include – the bio of the key team members, definition of the problem with respect to the market (why you exist), how to solve the problem, detailed solution plan, why and how is it economically beneficial, what the level of competition is, what the planned market size is and the potential future expansion possibilities and finally how much you are raising, the time span of the fund raised and the key milestones you have set for yourself.


The best team will not only get attractive prize but support from Innolabz in converting their idea into a successful opportunity. We wish you luck. May the best person win!

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