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Top 3 applications of AI in Today’s World

The entire tech world is slipping its hands into artificial intelligence (AI). It is the time when industry leaders are truly believing that the integration of AI capabilities with our devices will transform our outlook to these devices and the world around us. AI has completely altered the human experience. Here is the list of
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Top 7 AI Based Startups You Can’t Miss

It is only in 2016 when Artificial Intelligence (AI) based startups started to become the talk of the town. In 2017, the AI-enabled startups saw a 100 percent growth over their number in 2016.  It is no wonder that the IT-Hub of India, Bengaluru is the breeding ground for AI startups in India. Some $87.85
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Artificial Intelligence and India – A Report

The tittle-tattle of the effects of AI on the human race is widespread. Some claim Artificial Intelligence to be beneficial socially while other believe there can’t be any social or intellectual benefits in allowing machines to understand what we think or feel. Whatever the truth may be, an important news is that an institute for
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