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INNOLABZ Power2Career

Be the one, Be the purple squirrel!

It is important to make intelligent career-choices today when you have to compete at every level. One single career mistake may make you regretful for the rest of your life.

Understanding this challenge, InnoLabZ has come up with the idea of ‘Power2Career’ program. Under this program, InnoLabZ trains the graduate students in emerging skills and makes them ready for contemporary jobs.

With technology evolving every day, fresher students often get confused when deciding their educational specialization. Proper guidance becomes essential in such situations. The ‘Power2Career’ program helps such candidates to gain confidence, groom their skills and make informed decisions. Our trainers analyze an aspirant’s individual capabilities and suggest the best career options for them. This helps the postulant in securing suitable jobs and in building bright careers ahead.

B-Plan Competition at Shaastra, IIT Madras

POWER2IDEA | B-Plan Competition by INNOLABZ at Shaastra, IIT Madras is an initiative to bring the real talent with real innovation and creative idea's.