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Business is a challenge, especially for novices. At Innolabz we reinforce the entrepreneur in you whether you are established or yet to be the one.

Financial Management

If dubious, the financial health of an organization affects its growth and sustainability adversely. At InnoLabZ, we help calculate the risk causing factors and resources, and devise an action plan to ensure continuous flow of funds for a smooth and progressive functioning of the organization. An effective plan also ensures satisfactory returns on the investment.

Business-Plan Development

A business-plan holds the key to evince the investors’ interest in your business. It also demonstrates blueprint of the course of action ahead. A business model is not complete if this mighty document is absent. This document often guides in the hour of distress. It re-establishes what the business has achieved and what it lacks.

Company Registration

CRN or Company’s Registration Number or Company’s House Number is a unique number issued by Companies House when a limited company or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is incorporated. It is the primary step to the list of legal procedures that will convert your business-idea into a registered entity. The advice of legal experts is of paramount importance here.

Employment Scaling

Learning is ongoing. Our employability enhancement programs have helped many professional teams demonstrate improved results. Apart from integrating and developing its employees, an organization shall also ensure that its new employees have gratitude and sense of belongingness. After all, when the company believes in its employees, they put back their efforts with much more faith and enthusiasm.

HR Management

The success of any team or organization is defined by its people. The right kind of people with the right kind of skills and attitude serve as the backbone of any company. A team shall define its strengths and rule out its weaknesses collectively. There is no ounce of doubt about the quality delivery of a bonded team. However, finding the right team is tedious, and it can spell a disaster on those who have no such experience.

Incubation Management

A business in its nascent stage needs some hand-holding. InnoLabZ unique incubation services are tailor-made and offer continual support till a business does not begin to speak for itself. We provide a process-coach supporting system for existing as well as the upcoming entrepreneurs. Our incubation management is open to support the existing and nascent business owners and stakeholders.

Seed Fund Raising

You might have become the king in a specified domain, but to reach the zenith you need investments at some time or the other. The Expansion is a phase that can screw up your funds if not adequately planned. Whatever your reasons may be, we not only help you get the funds fromm our pool of investors, but can ensure the optimum use of the same.

Operations Management

Planning, organizing and supervising the team for production, manufacturing, or services is a day-to-day activity since execution is as important as planning. Carrying out tasks may sound simple but is not. We help you with developing a process that has no or minimum loopholes for the smooth completion of targets.

Marketing Management

The market is the battlefield where a wrong strategy can cost you your chances of victory. Every product is specific to the need of a specific section. Choosing the right segment of consumers and planning the promotion adequately is how you can boost your sales. We offer just the right help you would need for the same.

Network Creation

We always say that “your network is your net worth”. This is an era where digital media has paced up every arena of marketing. Competition is a thing of past, now is the time to work together and reap the benefits of your connections. But establishing connections with credibility needs the wisdom of an expert like ours.

Legal Compliances

You may know the business thing, you may be expert with technology, but changing financial laws and constantly updated company laws are something that demands undivided attention. This complex process of setting up the rules, choosing the right tools and drafting the appropriate document in a language suitable is simplified by our dedicated legal team.

Sales Force Management

You made a product, you have a network, you are actively marketing it, but now you need to promote it to the segment who is ready to give it a try and this is possible only when your sales force has adequate knowledge of the product, desired skill set and of course the zeal to seal the deal. Motivate them and get them taping the offline market with this service of ours.